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Meditation Not Medication
Helping doctors across the country relax their patients during before and after treatment with light and sound therapy. Personal programs designed to help work with oral appliance therapy also available.


  • Promotes relaxation, which contributes to beneficial, restful sleep
  • Reduces or eliminates brain fog and negative mind chatter
  • Provides more energy
  • Improves quality of life...Everything your patients will love you for!

With over 700 different guided meditations and creative visualization processes, you’re sure to find dozens that suit you. 

Every session is uniquely encoded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms for relaxing, rebooting and strengthening your busy brain. Listen up to 3 times a day for the best possible benefit. You can upgrade to a full subscription at any time. We think once you see the results, you'll want to explore all that BrainTap has to offer you!